YETUNDEY - Yeye From Africa (official music video)

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Enjoy the video to the first song on my EP "SEE NO EVIL", a mix of African, tribal, pop and rap music.
Dedicated to all Africans in diaspora!!! No mind dem ... all na jealousy!!
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Lyrics and Music: Yetundey
Production: Benjamin Hoffmann & Yetundey
Mix: Roman Krotil
Master: HP Mastering
Camera and edit: Get Yours

“Yeye from Africa” Lyrics

Verse 1
Good day, I’m Yetunde and I’m a true Naija
But I no speak the proper African grammar.
I know I smell very sweet like shear butter,
Just don’t try eating it like real butter!
That’s what happens when you grow up in Europa.
I even had to google how to spell Yoruba.
At least I haven’t yet disgraced myself with the way that I eat.
You people need to learn that without pepe nothing can taste sweet.
My oga is a fair white man,
Cause my mama taught me you can never trust black men.
They will talk, charm, swear and promise you the world,
But unlike oyinbo, it’s only rococococo
My hair gives an F ‘bout physics and gravity
But with my 57 lotions it turns fluffy like cotton candy,
So fancy, them people touch me like I’m a zoo rarity
Am I a black sheep?

Yeye from Africa
She knows nothing but shakara

Verse 2
They say I am troublesome.
But there’s nothing I do wrong.
You know where that’s coming from?
As the only black you’re always under criminal suspicion!
Ehn! that’s what we call jealousy,
Because you need to pay a fortune to get your teeth white as me.
We are faster, we are stronger,
We can dance to every beat because our blood is like a conga!
Of course I know everything about Hip Hop.
But my swag makes cops run after me like cats are chased by dogs.
For this situation God has blessed us with a special treat:
I just stand beside a tree, then police walks right past me!
Ha! I speak gangsta fluently,
But I could just as well drink English tea with the queen
While raising my pinkie
Post my royal a selfie hashtag sexy big booty
Yes! I am a good christian
Unless I smoke like a Rasta man
Amen! I love eating roast chicken!!
Though I prefer being vegetarian…

EHHH? a Nigerian vegetarian????
AHH!! It’s a lie oh!!!

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